Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Have we mentioned Nathaniel likes chocolate? He really does eat healthy also, we'll have to capture him eating an apple on film.... it's just not as cute! Hey, you only live once!
Go Wildcats!!! Jessica and Olivia are big fans of High School Musical! (and of each other!)
These are a little out of order.... Alexis, Jessica, Olivia and Angela went to a High School Musical 2 showing at the Ballpark in Phx about a month ago! It was fun.
Nathaniel knows how to get the job done! Don't let the hands get in the way of the cupcake! He is officially 2! Oh boy! Mom is getting a run for her money! Whew!
Dave decided to wear Nathaniel's birthday hat!
Nathaniel is doing a little showing off for baby Hayden at his birthday party! What a goof.
"Look Mom, no hands" Jessica had so much fun at her friend, Olivia's 6th Birthday party!
Our dog just loves us!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Jessica had a great first day of Kindergarten. Mom and dad made the mistake of calling it 'the Big K'. We were quickly corrected with, "Just to let you know, it's called Kindergarten at this school." Anyone who is around this girl for 5 mins. knows her wit. She's a goof. Mom and little brother are going to miss her. But she'll be fine.
Angela's crazy family... from left to right: little bro, Harley, mom, Alexis, Jason's girlfriend, Lolo, Jess, bro a year younger than Ange, Jason, Nathaniel and Dave. Notice Har and Eileen can't be serious for a moment! Hey, they keep us smiling!
The kids went horse back riding in Flaggstaff before the reunion. Dave took them, since Angela is severely allergic to horses. But they had a great time!
Jessica enjoyed blowing bubbles and playing with cousins at the family reunion.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

We had a family reunion for Angela's mom's side of the family in Flagstaff, at the Riordan Mansion. It was fun!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scary! Jessica decided to take a picture of herself, not the first time! Silly kid.
Doesn't Dave look thrilled to be holding a baby! He was thrilled to have his wife have her 'baby fever' taken care of though. Really, he has held a baby before.... being we had one that size not that long ago.
Nathaniel wanted a turn to hold baby Hayden also. (Yes, she had an outfit change, not uncommon in the day of a baby, as we know) He was very gentle with her. And quite fascinated. I think he may have thought she was a baby doll!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Gage, Darcy's 3 year old, played with Nathaniel and the girls too! Isn't he a cutie! We love him too!
Alexis, Jessica and Hayden. Hayden is Darcy's new little girl! Isn't she sweet! We enjoyed visiting with them. Angela has to get her 'baby fix'!
USA boy! Alexis was at camp from July 1-7. We all missed her, especially this little guy! He loves his big sisters! But she had a good time. I'll post some pictures when I get them developed and scanned in.
Jessica waits for the fireworks with her friend, Olivia.
Nathaniel played with his friend, Elaina while waiting for the fireworks show to start. We parked at a school parking lot and watched the show, without a crowd.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

They really do love each other!
Here is Angela with her personal tour guide on the Midway. And we managed to get a hug without a child between us! Woo-hoo!